Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lexus Reveals its Futuristic LF-Gh Concept

Lexus Reveals its Futuristic LF-Gh Concept
20-Apr 06:04                                                                                                                                     Midweek Motoring with Gavin D’Souza  Lexus has unveiled a futuristic concept car on the Internet ahead of its physical reveal at the New York Motor Show.
While the company calls it a ‘Grand Touring Hybrid’, its proportions out it quite clearly as a mid-range luxury sedan, specifically the next-generation GS.
This is a welcome revelation as the GS was the one Lexus most in need of an update.
The current LS limousine has been around since 2006, the current IS has only recently been refreshed with additions like the F-sport pack, but the GS has been trundling along with only updates since way back in 2004.
Lexus' recent styling cues have divided opinion but have at least formed quite a cohesive pattern, and so far this concept has already proven itself a true Lexus in that respect.
It’s very angular, with pointy lights and sharp edges gracing an otherwise conventional, slab sided sedan shape; it’s really a slightly shrunken LS.
The headlights do a neat little 3D, lens-less trick with LED projectors, but these will probably reach a more realistic production guise.
One internet commentator described the LF-Gh as "deliberately hybrid-looking", which is actually quite telling of Lexus' branding as a purveyor of hybrid luxury cars because, viewed objectively, it just looks like a Lexus.
That said, there is quite a bit of that 'blue hue' Lexus bastes liberally all over its hybrid models and the car's exhaust tips are heavily concealed, as if their role is very small.
But a hybrid it certainly will be and buyers can expect V6 (and perhaps even four-cylinder) engines mated to electric motors for this car's production power-train.
They can also expect the Lexus promise of exemplary refinement, comfort and a tech-heavy cabin.
There will also be petrol-only models as with the current GS sedan, and like that model, the hybrid should make up the majority of sales.
The production version of this sedan is expected to be revealed towards the end of 2011 and go on sale sometime next year.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Navigation Map Updates - Version 10.1 - November 2010

Optimize the performance of your navigation system.
If it’s been over a year since you purchased your vehicle or updated your navigation system, your map could use an enhancement. Regular map updates allow you/your navigation system to operate at its full potential. You'll be able to find thousands of new roads, subdivisions and current addresses, the best routes to a destination and closest roadside services along the way.
Preview what is available in the Version 10.1 map database
Have your 17-digit VIN available to learn more about Version 10.1 map database update. You can search for specific address, learn about specific updates made from the previous Version 9.1 update via the Release Notes, obtain information on the Points Of Interest included on update, and determine which update is applicable to the navigation hardware in your vehicle and more.
Why Update
Regularly updating map database in your vehicle will enhance travel in your Lexus.

Version 10.1 map database includes over 6 million miles of road and roughly 8 million Points of Interest (POI), such as ATMs, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and more.

After visiting the Lexus Navigation Sight, visit Treasure Coast Lexus for future assistance.

2010 Lexus, a Division of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. All information contained herein applies to U.S. vehicles only.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Why would you Chose Lexus F-Sport Products?

Lexus F-Sport Accessories are Engineered and Tuned By Lexus Staff for your Lexus Vehicle.
Lexus F-Sport parts are made for a specific model of Lexus vehicles.
Does F-Sport parts make your IS250/350, GS300/350/460, IS250/350 C, or LS460 perform better?
Increased vehicle handling under higher g-force conditions with approved F-Sport products.
All F-Sport accessories products are manufactured to Lexus standards. OEM/Factory Lexus performance parts are manufactured under the same stringent quality controls that all Lexus vehicles go through. Better manufactured parts produced better performance.
Are F-Sport accessories are guaranteed?
When your F-Sport Accessories are installed by a Lexus dealer there is a 12 month parts warranty from date of installation or the remainder of new vehicle warranty, whichever occurs first. If your F-Sport Accessories shipped with your new vehicle, all components are covered under manufacturer warranty (4 years 50 thousand miles).
Does F-Sport Accessories add value to your vehicle?
Dealer installed and/or Factory installed OEM F-Sport performance accessories always add value to your Lexus vehicle because they are factory parts.
Can F-Sport Accessories can be financed?
 When purchasing that new Lexus add the F-Sport Accessory components in the deal and enjoy the ride.
How Popular are the F-Sport Accessories?
F-Sport Accessory component have their own club, known as the Lexus Performance Registry. If you have F-Sport Accessory or Non OEM parts on your Lexus vehicle, join the group. Since the launch in early 2010, it’s a good place for owners to share information about vehicle customization, ask questions and post vehicle images and much more.